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Tips for Saving Money on Hotel Booking

It is a common practice to save money by going to a budget hotel, but sometimes you want to enjoy the comfort of a five-star experience. Lucky for you, there are ways to stretch your vacation budget without going for cheaper accommodations.
Here are five ways to save money on your hotel booking, no matter where you want to stay:

Time Your Booking
Prices can fluctuate on any given day based on whether the hotel thinks it will be able to fill its rooms for the day. The best time to book your room is within 24 hours of your stay, when hotels might slash their prices to avoid vacancies. This can however, create a lot of uncertainty and is not ideal if you are traveling to somewhere new. Some websites can help you get the best prices without running the risk of not getting a room. These websites allow you to search for hotels, room availabilities, and price fluctuations.

Check for Discounts
You can qualify for some discounts by simply being associated with any organization. Some banks partner with hotels to offer their customer discounts while other associations and clubs also offer discounts on various hotel chains. Therefore, check for these discounts before your hotel booking.

Use Rewards
When it comes to the final hotel booking, you can utilize cash back and credit card rewards to earn bonus rewards. You might need a credit card from an affiliated organization to avail these rewards and discounts.

It is better to reserve a lower-rate room and ask for an upgrade rather than booking the best room in the hotel in the first place. If you are traveling at the off season, you may have a better chance of moving up to a vacant room at check-in and at a lower price.

Check for Price Drops
Discounts and savings don’t stop at the hotel booking. The prices of rooms keep fluctuating but many people do not check for price drops. Some online services track the price of your room and let you know when the price drops so that you can make the booking at that time. Some of these services even rebook the room for you and credit the difference back to your account. You should also keep an eye out for price drops of other rooms which can help you get a better room for a much lower price.